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Pelican Therapy Partners! 

"Through Providing Quality Occupational and SpeechTherapy Services, we Strive to Enhance the Lives of the Clients and Families we Serve."

Boy Playing with Blocks

Pelican Pediatrics

If you have concerns about your child's development, pediatric therapy can help!


Pediatric therapists help infants, children and families reach maximum function while at home, school and in the community. Pediatric occupational therapy and speech therapy helps children gain independence while also strengthening the development of verbal skills, fine motor skills, articulation, language development, reading comprehension, sensory motor skills, visual motor skills and more that children need to function and socialize.

Kids in Preschool

Pelican Play Groups

Social skills groups are different than a traditional play-date or peer-based hangout – they are a supervised therapeutic event where the goal is to help children and adolescents gain skills in social interaction.


Social Skills Groups are small groups  (typically two to eight kids) led by an adult therapist who teaches the kids how to interact appropriately with others their age. They can help kids learn conversational, friendship and problem-solving skills.

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